Need a hand?

I'm a Fractional Marketing Professional for Architects. Meaning - I give you extra support for the projects and initiatives you need for a fraction of the time and expense of the "normal" approach.

My Services

Think of me as your Swiss Army Knife. While I'm a lousy excuse for a wine opener, I can help you with many other things that are probably more important, such as copywriting that reflects your brand voice, definition of that voice, graphic design to strengthen those written words, PR consultation to get those words published, brand-aligned templates for collateral to win you more projects, website and SEO consultation to showcase those amazing projects, and social media expertise to share it all with the world. Whether you need high-level guidance or technical skills, let me give you a hand. 

About Me

It was a dark and stormy evening in August when... well, let's skip that part. I earned my B.S. Arch and M. Arch degrees in Boston, worked as an architectural designer for a few years, which is part of my secret sauce - I speak your language. I then found myself a niche of graphic design, marketing, and branding for various firms in the AEC industry. A valedictorian with not one, not two, but three black belts, my resume is proof of my intense work ethic. However, I love to have fun with my work and LOVE to work with other fun and inspired people. 

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter. ’tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning...”

Mark Twain